What Are the Priorities of Searching for a Better Massage Chair?

Is it the color, shape, size, or physical appearance that attracts? Well, when it comes to a massage chair, these features do matter, but the real hunting is for what’s on the inside. And if you have done some research, you must have come across some particular terms to describe the different technologies of massage.

 L-track vs.S-track designs and 2D vs. 3D/4D technology are the two most common massage chair options which are mostly discussed.

What Is a Track?

To understand the ideal massage chairs’ mechanism, we must know about the tracks built up inside the chair where the rollers are mounted to do massage work.

Massage Chair Rollers !!!

Every massage chair consists of rollers mounted on a track in the back. Many inexpensive chairs and bad quality have rollers that are fixed with no track or either had straight roller tracks. These types of chairs create an aperture in coverage, become less effective, and make a very uncomfortable massage. While deciding to buy a massage chair, always search for a track that moves the massaging components up and down the back. That’s where you can feel the real magic of massage.

Most massage chairs provide different massage techniques such as kneading, shiatsu, patting, and knocking that are executed through the rollers. The length of the rollers traveling down your back depends on the type of track in the massage chair, whereas the technology determines the machine’s intensity and movements.

Types of Tracks

The back roller track configuration differs from chair to chair but is usually classified as S-track or an L (or SL) track massage chair.

S-Track Massage Chairs

The S in S- track refers to as ” Sin osoidal ” or a wave in mathematics. It refers to the wavy curvature of the body. These roller tracks work like the shape of the human spine, operating up and down from the neck, moving to the lower back of the user. 

L/SL-Track Massage Chairs

L-track massage chairs work on the formula of S-tracks but can further extend the body downwards. An S-track massage chair would only move as far down as your lower back can accommodate. But an L-track can go down to your glutes and hamstrings. Many massage chair models have a foot massager facility, which can be very satisfying for feet.

S-Track vs. L-Track: Which Track Is Better?

An L-Tract is just an extended form of an S-track. It can cover more areas of your body for massaging and reduces pain. Chairs having an S-track facility are considered to be more affordable massage chairs, but they cannot give you as much comfort. You will want to shop L Track massage chairs if you are looking for a product that can benefit your lower back, hamstrings, or glutes with ease and comfort.

2d vs. 3d vs. 4d Massage Chairs

With the continuous evolution of massage rollers technology, massage chairs are considered one’s massager, then just a materialistic piece of furniture. The technology has grown in every spectrum from basic 2D to 4D, hence in massage chairs too. Here is a brief review of your options.

2d Massage Chair

2D is what you can assume is your standard back roller massage. The 2D massage rollers work on two dimensions on the X and Y axis that move up and down from the upper back to the lower back and go side by side. This technology is affordable and a great choice for a 1st chair purchase. The basic functions of this technology are potent and provide great benefits of massage by,

3d Massage Chairs

3D chairs provide you three dimensions that are; run on the X, Y, and Z-axis. So the movement you feel will be up and down, side to side, and in & out motion with more deep at the back. This additional dimension of In & out movement allows the user to get better intensity.

3D chairs are designed with an option of adjustable intensity, so you can change the intensity level of the rollers according to your comfort and preference. Because of this important feature, 3D massage chairs are popular in households with multiple users, working as zero gravity massage chairs.

4d Massage Chairs

4D massage chairs work similarly to 3D in terms of movements. The only feature that takes it a step further is the 4th dimension in this technology, and that is it can adjust the speed of the machine. With the guidance of a professional massage specialist, 4D massage movements are supported with variations of speed to every massage style, so you can control the strength and depth of your massage.

Which Technology Is Better?

To get yourself a personalized massage, 3D is the best option for massage chair shopping.

 Massage chair technology has been evolved with great innovation in past years. Massage chair experts are constantly working on upgrading massage chairs’ quality from inversion massage chairs and zero gravity chairs. Purchasing an awesome massage chair requires a lot of decision-making from different massage chair matches. For this purpose, you can conduct different surveys and help massage chair specialists find the right chair of choice.

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How long can you sit in a massage chair?
The recommended time to massage on a massage chair is twice a day, from approximately 15 – 20 minutes. It’s enough to relieve stress and take care of your state of mind. Because getting too long sessions can make your muscles sore and tight like after an intensive exercise.

Can a person with a pacemaker use a massage chair?
No, massage chairs are not suitable for people having a pacemaker. The machine’s newer models have magnets in them, which can prevent the pacemaker from functioning properly or send important signals.