Whenever you come home, what the first thing you want? Is it comfort? Indeed, it is relaxation and the softness of a mattress or a foam-oriented recliner. Adding to the list is the use of a massage chair which is specifically created for body relaxation and reduction in muscle strain. They are designed with multiple benefits and you can use them in homes and offices. 

Types of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are designed to fulfill every individual’s need and each type of chair entails different features and specifications. Some of the types include:

Full Body Massage Chairs

The full-body massage chairs are designed to ease stiff muscles and relieve fatigue. They are equipped with soft massaging rollers that stimulate the muscles to give you a relaxing massage. The seating of this chair is designed for easy access to the back, buttocks and legs. Senior citizens can use these chairs for ease in movement and they also provide moderate pressure when used to masseur the neck and shoulders. 

These chairs have raised headrest seats and are ideal for use by people experiencing backache or arthritis. They also have upholstered seat backs and padded armrests. The massage chair features adjustable lumbar support, adjustable neck rollers and cushioned armrests.

Ottoman Massage Chairs

The Ottoman massage chairs are designed with relaxing and therapeutic qualities. They are ideal for use by senior citizens. These chairs have protruding armrests and their cushioned seat and backrest are designed to offer comfort to the user. The upholstery of this chair is usually made of leather, fabric or polyester. Furthermore, these chairs feature a heating system, therapy programs and varying massage intensities. The rollers are designed so that they produce medium pressure and are ideal for use on the upper back, thighs and buttocks. You can control the massaging action using the control panel on the front of your chair.

Heated Massage Chairs

Heat therapy is the best-known treatment for muscle tension and soreness. Some massage chairs utilize heat to offer comfort and relaxation to the mind. There is a range of benefits associated with heat massages, including a reduction in pain, whether from muscle spasms, tendinosis, sprains, arthritis, or other conditions. Also, it relieves strain on the heart, lowering blood pressure over time and increasing blood flow. It can also improve sleep patterns. 

These heat-oriented chairs have multiple massage knobs for achieving multiple levels of pressure. All the knobs are controlled from a single console, and you can choose the intensity level you want. The massage chair has an infra-red heating element built into the chair’s base that heats up to a maximum temperature of 104°F. This allows for more personalized heat therapy, more focused treatments than with other types of massage chairs, which usually only have one set of heat between 60°F and 104°F.

Air Massage Chairs

An air massage chair is quite different from other ordinary chairs as it has various functions. Air massage chairs use airbags to massage your body parts, including your hands, legs, and feet. Other massage chairs relax your muscles, massage your neck, shoulders, and claves. Different massage techniques offer specific results, but the impact you experience is much softer than other regular massage chairs with rollers. 

These massage chairs can improve your blood flow and deliver superior comfort and relaxation. The airbags provide adequate compression similar to compression stockings to maintain the blood flow. The increased blood flow will help you to treat and relieve swelling, fatigue, and aching. Also, it minimizes varicose and spider vein pain along with blood clots and lymphatic flow. 

Any sensation that develops from pressure, whether a hug, weighted blanket, or air pressure, can be treated with an airbag massage chair as it helps you relieve anxiety and stress.

 Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Zero gravity massage offers you a similar experience as a pilot experiences in space under zero gravity. When the zero gravity feature was introduced initially, it was a part of many other massage chairs. Later on, this feature turned into another type of massage chair. This feature is created to enable the users to drift from side to side and float while receiving a massage.

Zero gravity massage chairs utilize a gentle rocking motion, not like the mechanical force of other massage chairs. In other words, the user is placed in a “zero gravity” position which can loosen tight muscles and relieves tension on the neck, shoulder and legs. Moreover, this chair is also beneficial for the elderly, especially those who have chronic back pain.

2d, 3d, and 4d Massage Chair

There are three crucial types of massage chair rollers: 2D, 3D, and 4D.

2D Massage Chair Rollers moved both up and down and left to right, and it is perfect for soreness and tension. 

The 3D Massage Chair Roller can move up and down and left to right and forward and backward. This is beneficial for those who are facing a severe tissue issue.

Lastly, the 4D Massage Chair Roller has all the capabilities present in a 3D roller. It can also replicate the hand movements of a professional masseuse, target more specific muscle groups, and use many varieties of massage techniques such as Swedish or deep tissue.

Types of Massages

Different massage chairs feature different types of massage styles and mechanisms. Some of them include: 

1. Roller Massage

Rollers are essential components of massage chairs. They serve as the hands of the massage chair and can manipulate the muscle tissues. Muscular manipulation is the basis of massage therapy.

Roller Track

To get the benefits from the massage chair, the main component you need is a roller track. There is a mechanism present on which the roller track moves along as they massage. 

There are four different kinds of tracks in a roller massage.

Straight Track

The linear track from top to bottom is called a straight massage track. The main issue with the straight track is its loss of contact and pressure in curved areas like the neck and lower back which makes it useful for only certain parts of the body. 

Concave Track

The curvature is the most important component of a roller. The concaved track has a curved shape, which provides more contact and pressure in the curved areas. This feature is used to provide an optimal therapeutic benefit to your sensitive areas. The massage chair is designed and created so that it can reach all those tight spots and provide deep relief. 

S track

An S-shaped track is designed for the spine’s natural curvature and ensuring efficient working of the rollers. S track is a relatively common track type found on any quality massage chair, typically extended from the neck to the tailbone. It is useful for providing support and improving blood circulation.

L Track

The L-shaped track is quite similar to the S-shaped track. The underside has a straight track and the curve tracks on the top side. The curvature of the tracks is larger than that of the S-shaped track.

It can be challenging for people with long bodies to reach their lower back for a normal straight massage roller. An L-track works well in most cases as it provides more length from top to bottom.

2. Air Massage

Air massage is one of a kind technique that uses airbags to massage your body. Airbag Massage is a therapeutic approach that reduces the pressure on your muscles and heals you from your pain. Airbags provide compression and decompression on the affected and knotted tissues.

Air pressure is comfortable to relieve pain, as well as blood circulation. Air pressure increases blood supply and diminishes swelling. The compression helps to strengthen the muscle tissues, providing relief from spasms.

3. Vibration Massage

The vibration massage uses high frequency to stimulate the vibration plate area, increase blood circulation and help relax muscles and joints. The user can select from different types of vibration patterns such as rolling, criss-crossing, or waves.

Additional Features

Some additional features of massage chairs are as follows: 

Body Scan Technology

Body scan technology in massage chairs can detect your body’s pulse rate and blood pressure and analyze it while measuring precise vibrational levels. Some chairs feature infrared sensors that track the skin temperature, blood flow and muscle tension to convey more information on how you’re feeling during a session.

Inversion therapy

It is a type of massage therapy where the body is inverted to increase blood flow. It relieves stress and alleviates back pain. The body’s weight is inverted and the muscles are stretched, strengthened, and relaxed while blood circulation promotes healing.

Massage Enhancing Features

Massage enhancing features can be found in various massage chairs. For instance, some chairs come with heated massages. This is especially beneficial for those who catch a cold quickly or have sensitive skin. Some massage chair models have excellent air blowers which render coolness and a soothing effect.

Additional Accessories

Most massage chairs do not come with accessories or can be purchased separately from the manufacturer. However, some of the advanced ones include massagers and attachments that can be purchased separately from the manufacturer.

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Massage Chairs have several benefits and features. It relieves stress and relieves back pain. The advantage of such chairs is that they help the body lose weight and improve overall health conditions. Massage Chairs costs from US$ 200 to US$ 2000. However, it is important to know that you should not treat a massage chair as a replacement for a real massage therapist. Thus, make sure you talk to someone if the massage chair does not provide the treatment you require. It is advisable to consult with a specialist if you have never sat in a massage chair or do not have a good idea of what it is about.

Hope this article was informational and provided you with relevant details on a massage chair. Good Day!


Q. How do I choose a massage chair?

A. Massage chair selection should be based on the consumer’s preferences and overall requirements. One should also consider the lifestyle of the individual while going for a massage chair. The type of massager, mechanisms, additional features and price are important factors to consider while buying a massage chair.

Q. How long should I sit in a massage chair?

A. There are no rigid rules for the amount of time you should spend in a massage chair. However, regular time is recommended for adults. Minor children may sit according to their overall general health conditions and the doctor’s advice.

Q. How do I know that my massage chair is working properly?

A. Check all the massage chair components such as rollers, coverings, and motors to make sure they are in good shape. If you face any problem with the components, you should consult with a technician. You must also confirm that the massage chair is clean before using it.

Q. How do I clean a massage chair?

A. You should clean the massage chair, especially the rollers, covers, and motors regularly. You can use an anti-static cloth to wipe it down. Also, ensure that the chair is comfortable by seating in it for a few minutes. 

Q. How do I adjust a massage chair?

A. You can adjust your massage chair according to your comfortability. Make sure that there is a cushioning layer between you and the table of the massage chair. This will help you enjoy the features of the versatile accessory. 

Q. What is the difference between a massager and a massage chair?

A. The massager is used specifically for your upper back and neck. A massage chair, on the other hand, soothes and relaxes the whole body. A massage chair usually gives you a stronger massage, while a massage therapist uses very light pressure on your back or neck.