What is a massage chair? If you’re looking for relief from physical pain, you may have already heard of the benefits of massage chairs. Today, different styles of massage chairs are available in many different models and prices. 

A massage chair is a great item to buy into. It can give you and your guests a healthy, invigorating massage in the comfort of your own home. People who need to relieve their muscle pain often turn to massage chairs. The question is whether it’s worth investing in one. Before you make a decision, you need to have a better understanding of how this item works. In the article below, we will discuss six important factors before you purchase a massage chair.

The 6 Important Points Before Buying a Massage Chair


This is one of the most important factor that should be considered when purchasing a massage chair. If you feel comfortable in it, it can help reduce your pain by stimulating your muscles and relieving tension. This is especially helpful for people who have difficulty bending their limbs because they do not have enough strength from aging or chronic health complications. 

  1. Technology Used in a Massage Chair

Modern massage chairs are very advanced and they use different technologies. Some of the massaging chairs can be operated by remote control, either by hand or by a simple touch on the control pad. Some come with heaters as well as cold compressors for relieving muscle tension. Whereas others are more sophisticated and provide temperature regulation and programmable massage modes for prolonged therapy. A few advanced massage chairs are even wireless and can be controlled by smartphones. 

There are numerous specifications that a massage chair entails. They are related to the roller system, massage functions, massage airbags, recline functions and others. Below, we will discuss some of the points that may aid you in buying the most convenient and user-friendly massage chair.

Massage Roller System 

The massage chair comes with different types of massaging roller systems. These are either dual-holed or single-holed. Dual-holed is a more comfortable option since it can be used in more areas of the body. However, you may have to spend a bit more on this type of massaging roller system. Single-holed has smaller rollers that can only be positioned at one point of the body, which reduces flexibility in using it. 

Apart from the types described above, there are 2D, 3D and 4D roller systems that are prevalent on the market.

2D Roller System 

2D roller systems are common in massaging chairs. They are characterized by rollers that are molded into a certain shape and diameter. These rollers can be adjusted to fit the contours of the body. In general, they are less effective since their movements may not be consistent and controlled. They also tend to produce less tension on the muscles. 

3D Roller System 

3D roller systems have numerous ‘hot spots’ and the rollers are molded into various shapes. You can get better tension on the muscle than 2D roller systems. With this type of roller system, you can get a closer and more effective massage as compared to the 2D roller systems. Their movements are also more consistent and controllable.

4D Roller System 

These are more advanced than 3D roller systems. They come with the least amount of noise and vibration, which makes them quiet and very comfortable for users. 4D rollers are also much lighter in weight, making it easier to use them on your body effectively. They have a wide range of movements that are more rhythmic and consistent. 

Massage Functions 

Different massage chairs have different functions. If you need more flexibility in your massage chair, make sure that it comes with at least 6 or 7 different functions. Some of the most common massage functions are Shiatsu, Tapping Massage, Rolling Massage and Kneading Massage.

Shiatsu Massage 

This massage is a unique type of massage that uses hands to apply pressure to the back and other parts of the body. It is a style of massage that is practiced in Japan and it is also known as finger pressing massage. The Shiatsu massage can be delivered to various parts of the body such as legs, neck, arms, back and abdomen. The hands are placed on areas where there are problems and pressure is applied for 30 seconds or more. This helps to relieve tension.

Kneading Massage 

Kneading massage renders the use of deep kneading movements. This type of massage is more intense than Shiatsu. It involves the use of very strong thumb and finger movements that support the bones to relieve tension and mobilize joints. The kneading massage is more effective in relieving pain from stiff muscles.

Tapping Massage 

This is a unique type of massage that is delivered with the use of a spring mechanism inside the massaging chair. It involves rhythmic tapping movements on various parts of your body such as arm, legs and thighs. The tapping movements are done quickly and at a very intense pace. They are great for leg pain, ankle, hip or knee pain.

Rolling Massage 

This type of massage involves the movement of the massaging rollers in a circular motion to massage the body. Although it is less intense than other types of massages, it helps to loosen tight muscles by stimulating circulation through pressure on the skin. It also helps to decrease some of the pain you might be experiencing from sore muscles and joints.

Massage Airbags System

This is a new feature in massage chairs that is popular among health specialists. The airbags are activated by heat and humidity from the air from the chair, which then inflates and moves around on your body comfortably. They are used mostly for deep-tissue massages to relieve muscle pain or tension. This is a very relaxing feature to have in your massage chair.

Massage Air Flow System

This is another new feature in the latest massage chairs that functions as an airflow system. Because of this, the airflow can also be controlled by you so you can choose to have the airflow going two ways on your back or just one way. This massager chair is programmed in such a way that it removes heat and creates cool air that moves around your body soothingly and comfortably.

Reclining Function 

The chairs are designed to have reclining functions and provide the user with a wide range of movement. The massage chairs are designed to accommodate the movement of the client in different positions. When you first sit in this chair, there is a wider seat area that makes it easy for you to lie down comfortably. With a slight touch, the chair can recline at an angle that suits you better and as you get more comfortable, you can stretch your legs out or move them up closer together depending on your comfort level.

Pre-Installed Massage Programs 

Some massage chairs have pre-programmed massage programs that can be activated by a button. This means that once you have set up your chair, you can always choose to use the pre-programmed massage programs. By choosing and activating the massage programs, you will experience a lot of benefits such as deep relaxation and stress relief. After all, one of the benefits of a good massage is the feeling of relaxation it provides. A person who sits on such a chair will enjoy the feeling for hours after they leave it. 

Massage Power 

The amount of power that a massage chair has will determine how much comfort a person will get as the massage chair carries out its operation. Some massage chairs use manual knobs and buttons while others have digital touch-screen controls. The massage power can be adjusted depending on your preference and convenience. Some of these chairs come with a remote control so that a person can easily make adjustments to the settings of the chair especially when they are watching television or reading a book.

3. Affordable Price

Before you purchase a massage chair, it is important that go for one at a reasonable price and can easily fit in your budget. You should not go for a very expensive model of massage chair if you’re planning to replace it after some years of use. Instead, you can look for an affordable model that will be able to give the same level of comfort and relief as an expensive one. 

  1. Durability

To be satisfied with your purchase, the massage chair should be of high quality. It should be able to last for at least five years of use. However, if you have the budget, you can easily find a more expensive model that will last longer than that. You can look for a chair with higher quality materials to prolong its lifespan. If possible, look for a warranty so you can have it repaired if something goes wrong after a few years of use.

  1. Assistance for the Nervous System

The nervous system plays a major role in the body’s response to pain and discomfort. It works by sending impulses to the brain which regulates and controls our muscle movement. Any malfunction of this system can cause muscular pain and a lot of stress on our bodies. If you live with chronic conditions such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, or back pain, you should upgrade your massage chair with extra features for the nervous system including heating pads or cooling compressors or perhaps even wireless technology. 

  1. Frequency of Use

If you plan to use the massage chair every day, then you should go for a more expensive model. However, if it will only be used once in a while for relieving muscle pain, then all you will need is a simple and affordable chair. If possible, purchase a model with multiple settings so you can adjust it depending on your needs and preferences. 

Additional Features for a Massage Chair

Chair Upholstery 

You can choose between different types of upholstery such as leather, fabric or even bamboo. The upholstery is usually the cheapest part of the massage chair which means that you will only need to replace it every few years or so. However, this depends on how much use the chair gets. Music 

Built-in Speakers

A few models of massage chairs come with built-in speakers for listening to music. You can play your music or you can also choose from a list of pre-recorded music that the chair can play for you. This will help you relax and enjoy the massage even more. If you want to hear your favorite songs while receiving a massage, make sure that the massage chair you choose has built-in speakers. 

Wireless Technology or App Driven Operation

Some massage chairs come with built-in wireless technology so you can easily operate them through your smartphone. This is a more convenient way of controlling the settings of your chair without having to be physically near to it.

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When you first sit in this chair, there is a wider seat area that makes it easy for you to lie down comfortably. With a slight touch, the chair can recline at an angle that suits you better and as you get more comfortable, you can stretch your legs out or move them up closer together depending on your comfort level. 

The massage chair is a great way to relieve stress after a hard day at work. It can also be used to relax sore muscles and joints. Aside from that, it also improves blood circulation in your body which is great for healthy skin. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve pain from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes and back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common massage chairs?

There are two types of massage chairs, the stationary and the portable. A stationary massage chair stays in one place while you lie down on it. This type of chair is not very suitable for a full-body massage because it does not have many options for movement and positioning. The portable massage chair allows you to move around in any direction while on it. However, it can get heavy and may not be very comfortable.

Why should I choose a massage chair for my back?

You should certainly invest in a massage chair with a backrest. Many people who suffer from chronic back pain use massage chairs instead of going to physiotherapy sessions. A massage chair can effectively relieve your pain, helping you get through the day while feeling much better compared to before.

How many different massage functions can I have?

The massage chair you buy should have at least 5 different functions. You can choose from Shiatsu, Tapping Massage, Rolling Massage, Kneading Massage and Hot Stone Massage.

How long will the massage chair last?

The duration of a massage chair depends on how you use it and generally, it lasts between 4 to 5 years. If you plan to use it daily, then you can expect it to last longer than that. 

How do I clean the massage chair?

Make sure that you get a massage chair with easy-to-remove covers for easier cleaning now and then. If the covers are not detachable, try going for a model that has removable cushions so you can easily clean them as well.